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Field of Skills and Dreams VTE is  Nigeria’s foremost training institution for vocational, technical and entrepreneurship training.

At FSD our certified trainers are well-equipped to offer the very best in various courses with hands-on practical classes and industrial attachments to ensure trainees are job ready. We have a track record of over 85% of our trainees getting employed immediately after graduation and others start their own businesses in the trained skill.

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My experience

Am so thankful to God Almighty. I was asking God this new year which way to go because I got tired of staying at home not doing anything. I was angry with myself, I felt so down, then like an answer to my prayer my kid brother sent me this flyer for this free training… Read more “My experience”

Stellamaris Ogechukwu Emma-Enemchukwu

A Life-Changing Experience

My experience at FSD has changed my life!! Before I opted for FSD, I had little or no knowledge about electrical installation nor electrical appliances although I had a thing for it, but FSD has changed my wishes into a reality. I can tell the entire world now that I can install electrical appliances/equipments in… Read more “A Life-Changing Experience”

William Apana

A Wonderful Experience

It all started with a chat with a friend/brother— an alumnus of FSD— who after his three months training in RAC has a good story to tell and job testimonials to match Armed with the information he gave me, I decided to attend the interview session and thankfully I was selected to be amongst the… Read more “A Wonderful Experience”

Olushola Samuel Oniyide


I did not know anything about sewing, I could not even pedal a machine. but within 6wks I was transformed to making blouse, skirts, gowns, and so on. thank you to FSD.

Esther Obada


My name is Nwachukwu Marvel Precious, I want to appreciate FSD for giving me the opportunity to have a skill. After my university level, I decided to acquire a skill, but the opportunity was not coming forth because of financial constraints until I heard of FSD. I decided to enroll for the 6-week free training… Read more “Appreciation”

Nwachukwu Marvel

Emmanuel Njotea

I completed the program in Electrical Maintenance and Solar Installations. I started getting contracts right from the 5th month of training and I was able to make enough money to register my business and set up a solid business of my own. I have started my Industrial training just to get some more experience collaborating… Read more “Emmanuel Njotea”

Emmanuel Njotea

My Skill Upgrade Experience At FSD

Like seriously, my skill upgrade experience at FSD was a dream come through. 2019 when I was writing my goals for year 2020; I planned to acquire a skill in the fashion industry as I love creatives. In just 6 week I have learnt so many things and can do so many things in this… Read more “My Skill Upgrade Experience At FSD”

Stella Adu

A Turnaround

The field of Skills and Dreams has impacted my life positively, I can now go into the labour market and make a positive change. FSD has given me hope for a better future and a future employer of labour.

Olaleye Samuel Ayodeji

FSD is indeed a life-changing foundation.

I must say am proud to be an FSD student, my dreams of having a skill of my own has been achieved today all thanks to FSD, I can cut and sew on my own now, I must say this FSD training has impacted me so much, I will always be grateful to FSD for… Read more “FSD is indeed a life-changing foundation.”

Ezeocha Ucechi


My journey through FSD has helped me to achieve what seems impossible because of money constraints. I came as raw material now I am fully baked to finished product ,which can stand the test of time and face the future. Thanks to FSD for the opportunity. God bless FSD

Olayemi Oluwasayo

Olayinka Juliana

I completed the program in Hospitality and Catering Management. The skill acquired from the training has helped me establish a business of my own which I have registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as JULEE FOODS. I specialize in pastries, cakes, and richly cooked meals, managing my own business would have been a… Read more “Olayinka Juliana”

Olayinka Juliana

A Feeling of Thankfulness

It all started as a joke when i got the call from a staff at FSD that I have been selected for the 6weeks free training. I have never managed a sewing machine before, but with the structured training at FSD, i now got the Fashion skills, i really do hope to continue my training.… Read more “A Feeling of Thankfulness”

Oloye Olawale

Dream Come True

I love how much I have grown in the short amount of time of recognizing my ability in FSD. I learnt and had an amazing experience, friendly staff, and wonderful teachers I want to say a big thank you to FSD

Ifeoluwa Mary

Superb Experience

Six weeks ago, I came into this institute with no knowledge whatsoever of this skill, however, today I can stand on my ground and say that I am a competent RAC technician. The all-encompassing knowledge that has been disseminated to us has been of profound magnitude and I can only look forward to great accomplishment… Read more “Superb Experience”

Ebenezer Osagioduwa

My FSD Story

FSD is a life-changing organization. This organization has instilled in me the spirit of positivity and to have a plan on the things I want to do. I am going out there to make an impact and start my own business.
I want to say a big thank you to Ms. Ogunride for giving… Read more “My FSD Story”

Shokoya Titilayo Odunayo

Dream Come Through

Wow no matter what I say it will not be enough, all thanks to Almighty God, FSD, and our sponsor. As the name implies Field of Skills and Dreams, has made my dream come true. Within the period of 6 weeks, I can sew. I will not forget the entrepreneurship training and the yoga class.… Read more “Dream Come Through”

Ismail Mariam Motunrayo

Life Changing Experience

Attending FSD has been a great blessing in my life. I have learned life-changing principles. Learning how to fix and repair air conditioners and refrigerators have really brought out a hidden talent that I have as a skill. I am incredibly grateful for schooling here as I consider it a grand privilege to have been… Read more “Life Changing Experience”


Transforming Point

Firstly, I give all thanks for the grace of life and for the privilege to be part of this fantastic opportunity made available by FSD. Also, I want to really appreciate FSD. I most confess FSD is the best place to my liking for transforming my life in just 6 weeks of training. I am… Read more “Transforming Point”

Michael Ikpe Umoren


My experience with FSD in the last six weeks has been completely top-notch from the beginning to the end has been impressive, everything about FSD has really inspired me, from the tutors, the conducive environment, the management is good, and they are up and doing. I want to say a big thank you to the… Read more “Appreciation”

Onojah David Ochogwu

A life changing experience

Firstly, I would like to appreciate the founder, administrator, staff, and the coordinator of field of skills and dreams. Thanks for the wonderful, rare, and valuable opportunity. This training has really impacted into my life positively. Before FSD I was just a normal individual who is just a consumer but with FSD I am proud… Read more “A life changing experience”

Bhadmus Zainab Oluwakemi

Great Experience

I want to thank the organization of FSD for making me a better woman that I am today. I have been able to do the things I do today because of FSD. Thank you for this opportunity. I am grateful, God bless FSD.

Agbodike Princess Ifunanya

A Journey Worth the While

My experience at FSD has been amazing. I am amazed at the value added to me in the brief period. I am amazed at the selfless act of the staff here in FSD. Most of all I am amazed at the simplicity of the Big Boss. And I want to say that this journey has… Read more “A Journey Worth the While”

Olusola Folasade Roseline

Superb Experience

Six weeks ago, I came into this institute with no knowledge whatsoever in this field, however, today I stand my ground to say that I have gained enough to kick start my journey as a professional in this field. I am grateful to the organizers and sponsors, and I look forward to great accomplishments in… Read more “Superb Experience”

Ebenezer Osagioduwa


It is indeed a great privilege for me to be a partaker of the free training at FSD. Since I lost my husband in 2015, life has been unfair to me and my kids but now am a better person with the skills I have in catering. I can now depend on myself with the… Read more “GREAT EXPERIENCE”

Njaga Amaka Josephine

Not A Waste of Time

It is a privilege to be part of the 6 weeks training in FSD. It has been impressive; I now have a skill that can produce money for me. I have learnt not to be afraid of making mistakes and when I do, I should get back up. I pray for more grace to impact… Read more “Not A Waste of Time”

Crentsil Davida Asepha

A Dream Come Through

I have waited for quite a while for this dream to come manifestation.
Today FSD vocational institute has helped bring my dream and entrepreneurship aspirations to birth. Honestly, the six weeks of intensive, practical, and hands-on job is like 6 months of training. I would like to appreciate our sponsor UPS for making sure… Read more “A Dream Come Through”

Olalekan A.

Am so much thankful to the FSD management

I am thanking FSD management for the terrific opportunity they gave to me for obtaining a training. It is a dream come true, and it was a great surprise to be in this beautiful environment with great teachers and great wonderful CEO of FSD. I am now an electrical installer and no longer a person… Read more “Am so much thankful to the FSD management”

Okorie Uchenna Samuel

I am Grateful

My experience in FSD was a beautiful experience. The soft skills training has helped me to be able to manage my time. The blazer week was my best week because I had always looked forward to it. I was able to finish my blazer on time. The business administration training was the best, the instructor… Read more “I am Grateful”

Rotimi Tosin


I want to thank God for the privilege to be part of this season’s trainees, thank God for FSD VTE ACADEMY for picking me out of many that attended the interview, thank God for our sponsor, you shall all continue to grow and glow in a grand style. I used to be a stay-at-home mummy… Read more “THE UNIMAGINABLE BLESSING”


Great Experience

Its has been a great and sweet experience to be part of this training. I was a novice but this training havs made me a Professional Hairdresser. I want to say a Big thank you my Sponsor (UPS) and the wonderful Management of FSD for this wonderful opportunity given to me.
Am proud to… Read more “Great Experience”



It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this great initiative. I will forever cherish and be indebted to Field of Skills and Dreams. I would like to say thank you and may the institution keep growing higher.



FSD has really helped me gain real-time hands-on practical experience which I did not gain when I studied electrical engineering in a higher institution.
I am now fully prepared for further exploits in my career life.


Sarah Godswill

I cannot stop counting my blessings in 2020. Just when the pandemic showed its ugly face, I received this amazing sponsorship to be trained at FSD. I have always dreamt of getting a training like this but could not be, due to finance. Not only was the training impactful, challenging, and fun, but our instructor’s… Read more “Sarah Godswill”

Sarah Godswill

Kayode Olomoshakin

I completed the program in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance. The skills acquired from the training have been of immense value to me. I can confidently service and repair faulty air conditioning systems; I can construct a local refrigerator. The soft skill training on “Negotiating skills and Tips,” “Budgeting and Planning” has helped me in… Read more “Kayode Olomoshakin”

Kayode Olomoshakin

Life Transformer

My utmost gratitude goes to the Almighty God for the successful completion of my fashion training program in FSD. I can proudly make some dresses not just for myself alone but for other people too and make money from it. I am so glad I had to go through this program because it has helped… Read more “Life Transformer”

Uche Isichei

Wonderful experience

An excessively big thank to FSD,vnow I can service and repair refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Before I do not even know how to do any of these things but now, I can do it and install air conditioning.
Thank you FSD

Oche Gabriel

Obilor Anthony

Seven (7) months ago someone posted some skilled acquisition programs on a WhatsApp group I belong to, and to my surprise, the courses were free and was sponsored at FSD by ITF-NECA. I made enquiries on some of the programs and chose Electrical Installations. When lectures started it was not as easy as I thought… Read more “Obilor Anthony”

Obilor Anthony


It is with immense pleasure I am writing this to show my appreciation to the Foundation of Skills Development (FSD) family and the sponsors behind this highly intensive and impactful training. I can now confidently bake and decorate a cake with fondant and butter icing, I can bake bread for hotdog rolls, to mention just… Read more “Gratitude”

Oluwadamilola Olaomo Alaiya

Greatest experience ever

My greatest experience ever, was the few months I spent in FSD, great institution, great tutors, and most is seeing a woman with the heart of gold, it was really a short training, but the experience was great. I thoroughly emulate this great kindness, physically she trained few, but spiritually I will stand tall to… Read more “Greatest experience ever”

Onyekwere Victor Chinedu

Igodo Chinyere Gift

I completed the program in Fashion Designing. The skill acquired from the training has made me self-reliant and has been extremely helpful to the growth of my business as a fashion designer. I have been exposed to various aspects of fashion designing; now I have totally rebranded myself. The entrepreneurship training on “Digital Marketing” has… Read more “Igodo Chinyere Gift”

Igodo Chinyere Gift

A Better Future

I want to thank FSD for the opportunity given to me to learn fashion design for 6 weeks free
The training was interesting, exciting, and informative. I have in 6 weeks learnt how to sew skirt, blouse, gown and even bedsheet, duvet, and apron. I am so grateful.

Imah Silas

Ajayi Okikiola

• I completed the ITF-NECA Technical Skills Development Program in Domestic installation and Maintenance. The skills acquired from the training have been helpful to my business. I understand all aspects of solar and electrical installations, now I confidently deliver solutions in maintenance of solar systems, wiring of houses and installation of solar panels. I was… Read more “Ajayi Okikiola”

Ajayi Okikiola

My Road to Success Through FSD

I would first like to share my heartfelt gratitude to the founders, administrators, coordinators of FSD.
May God continue to bless you all.
Also, I would like to add that the opportunity given to me is rare and valuable, but it is indeed a greater opportunity and a stepping stone to greater goals.… Read more “My Road to Success Through FSD”

Aisha Abubakar

Richard’s Sincere Words of Gratitude

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the idea known as electricity but for several reasons, I was not able to study it. FSD made it possible for me to take that fascination of mine and put it to work. I am eternally grateful to the staff and management… Read more “Richard’s Sincere Words of Gratitude”

Olawepo Richard Ololade

Adeola Gbadamosi

I completed the program in Fashion Designing. The skill acquired from this training has completely changed my life, I have become a solution provider and I am able to support my family. Now I understand the pattern drafting aspect of fashion designing to enable me to make perfectly fitted dresses. I have been able to… Read more “Adeola Gbadamosi”

Adeola Gbadamosi


I learned a lot from this training. Though I am a slow learner, my trainer, is always there for me. She keeps explaining until I understand. She encouraged me to start sewing for myself. On 2 occasions I spoilt my cloth, but I was able to re-do it with the help of my trainers. The… Read more “I Owe FSD”

Omolade Gboluwagajoye

A live changing experience

Undergoing this training as been a life changing experience for me. A redirection of my life from being an educationist to an engineer. I am thankful to have had this life changing opportunity. I got my first electrical installation contract just a few days to graduating from FSD.

Adekunle Dotun

Electrical Dreams Finally Come True

Thank You FSD Academy! I am an electronics technician that has always had a profound interest and passion for Electrical works. FSD is by far, the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Skills Acquisition Academy on practical residential electrical I have found anywhere. Now am confident in myself going out there to be self-reliant and start making money on… Read more “Electrical Dreams Finally Come True”

Faleti Idris Olalekan

They Trust Us, You Too Can