About this course

This is a course the school recommends for everyone who is in training at FSD.

As a business owner our entrepreneurship course will sharpen your ability to recognize commercial opportunities and equip you with the knowledge and skills to act on them. This course is structured to instill business discipline and activate bankable business plans to enable the smooth management of resources in your business.

Participants of this training are bound to discover, develop, and implement new business ideas based on globally workable business principles that have been used by many startups to start, grow and build sustainable business ventures.

Professional trainers are available to guide them through the experience.

Expectations for the Course

In this course we will learn about business model canvas, pricing and negotiation, business culture and agility, bookkeeping, budgeting and personal finance, emotional intelligence, digital marketing, networking, time management, communication skills, workplace etiquette, etc.


This course is designed to run concurrently with all other vocational and technical courses.

This is also a course FSD implements with partners in various parts of the country including at our Head office in Lagos. We have held successful entrepreneurship training programs in fourteen (14) states of Nigeria; teaching skills to help small business owners manage successful enterprises.

Adaptable Learning

We have developed a curriculum that is adaptable, interactive, and results oriented.

Completely Hands-on

Our classes are completely hands-on and utilizing industry-standard tools. Internship positions are readily available.

Evaluation Base Learning

To guarantee that learning has occurred, we teach, evaluate, assess, and re-evaluate.

Government Recognized Certificate

Our certificates and diplomas have local and global recognition.

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