About this course

The fashion industry has gone through remarkable changes and is steadily evolving in its wake. As an academic field of study, fashion designing is inclusive of several disciplines some of which are business, illustration, photography, designing, pattern making, garment making, and technology etc.

The fashion training program in our institution is a highly creative course. We have a competent team of instructors that guide learners to express, design and create personal collections and understand the business of fashion.

The program modules are interconnected through a practical project framework to promote skills acquisition. It is also structured to accommodate novices in fashion designing and trainees with basic knowledge who wish to enhance their skill.

Duration of training is for a period between 3-months and 12 months depending on modules chosen by the trainee.

Expectations for the Course

In this course we will learn about business administration in fashion designing, fashion illustration, pattern drafting, garment construction and fashion e-commerce.

Other Modules of Learning

These include – teamwork, communication skills, time management, personal effectiveness, business plans, critical thinking, rational decision making, workplace etiquette, networking, business accounting (bookkeeping), customer relationships and citizenship amongst others.

Adaptable Learning

We have developed a curriculum that is adaptable, interactive, and results oriented.

Completely Hands-on

Our classes are completely hands-on and utilizing industry-standard tools. Internship positions are readily available.

Evaluation Base Learning

To guarantee that learning has occurred, we teach, evaluate, assess, and re-evaluate.

Government Recognized Certificate

Our certificates and diplomas have local and global recognition.

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