About this course

The question many people ask is “Does welding qualify as a good career?’’

Although not a choice lots of individuals would make, welding is a lucrative business and a rewarding career path. Totally hands-on, welding is a profession that brings out your creative streaks and can be shaped around your personal interest, for as long as there are pieces of metals to be joined together to make something work.

This is a short trade program, and our team of skilled instructors are readily available equip you with the fundamental knowledge of the course

Duration of training is for a period between 3-months and 12 months depending on modules chosen by the trainee.

Expectations for the Course

In this course we will learn about machine shop safety practices, configuration of welding equipment, welding gases and techniques

Other Modules of Learning

These include – teamwork, time management, personal effectiveness, communication skills, business plans, critical thinking, rational decision making, workplace etiquette, networking, business accounting (bookkeeping), customer relationships and citizenship amongst others.

Adaptable Learning

We have developed a curriculum that is adaptable, interactive, and results oriented.

Completely Hands-on

Our classes are completely hands-on and utilizing industry-standard tools. Internship positions are readily available.

Evaluation Base Learning

To guarantee that learning has occurred, we teach, evaluate, assess, and re-evaluate.

Government Recognized Certificate

Our certificates and diplomas have local and global recognition.

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