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We are excited to share with you a wide range of courses that we offer! Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, further your education, or expand your career opportunities, we have something for you. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors are dedicated to providing engaging and informative lessons that will challenge and inspire you.

Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of Refrigerator and Air-conditioner Appliances and much more.​
Domestic and Industrial Wiring, industrial installation & maintenance of electrical technology and much more.​
Understanding the principles of renewable energy, installation of solar and inverter systems, wiring etc.​
Fashion Business, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Photography, Fashion Designing, Pattern Making, Garment Making and e-commerce, etc.​
Culinary Skills, Inter-Continental Cooking, Pastries, Baking, Decorating, Desserts, Drinks Service, Hospitality using various kitchen equipment etc.​
Washing, Weaves, Wigs Fixing and Making, Bridal Hair, Braids, Make Over, Head Ties, Nail Engineering, Hair Crafts, and much more.​
Bankable business plans, business management techniques, business development & culture, customer relationship, access to finance etc,​
Understanding the element of welding and metallurgy, CAD, foundry technology, fabrication and various welding techniques and more.​
Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting, upgrading, flashing, micro soldering, screen repair, installation of software and much more.​
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