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This course is career oriented. The training curriculum is designed to give a simple understanding of the fundamentals of installation and maintenance of refrigerators and air conditioners. It is also designed to enable participants to play important roles in the emerging green economy.

The training is fully equipped with a functional workshop and a team of certified and highly skilled instructors. One highlight of this training is field trips.

Trainees will be grounded in the HVACR servicing business and best practices. This enables participants to stand out in employment opportunities across the industry.

Duration of training is for a period between 3 months and 12 months depending on modules chosen by the trainee.

you get

What you get

In this course we will learn about installation, repairs and maintenance of domestic and commercial refrigerators, domestic air conditioners, and washing machines.
Adaptable Learning
We have developed a curriculum that is adaptable, interactive, and results oriented.
Completely Hands-on
Our classes are completely hands-on and utilizing industry-standard tools. Internship positions are readily available.
Government Recognized Certificate
We are proud to say that our certificates and diplomas have been rigorously evaluated and recognized both locally and globally.

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