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Renewable Energy

This course is innovative, the skill and knowledge is in high demand. This course will teach you everything you need to know about photovoltaic energy. The renewable/solar energy utilization is here to stay for a long time, there will be opportunities for a trained person to find jobs and it is totally environmentally friendly.

Once equipped with the knowledge, trainees can become independent installers.

The world today is rapidly changing. There is a huge requirement for vocationally trained individuals who are professionally skilled in precise areas.

Training in solar PV installation provides a lot of career opportunities in the green technology space. Our team of certified instructors will make that a reality.

Duration of training is for a period between 3-months and 12 months depending on modules chosen by the trainee.

FSD VTE Solar Training
you get

What you get

In this course we will learn about electrical symbols, circuit determination, wiring systems, sizing, installation, repairs, maintenance of solar systems. Solar PV system configuration.
Adaptable Learning
We have developed a curriculum that is adaptable, interactive, and results oriented.
Completely Hands-on
Our classes are completely hands-on and utilizing industry-standard tools. Internship positions are readily available.
Government Recognized Certificate
We are proud to say that our certificates and diplomas have been rigorously evaluated and recognized both locally and globally.

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