Who we are:

Field of Skills and Dream VTE is a vocational, technical and entrepreneurship training institute that has succeeded in training thousands of Nigerians and ensured their economic empowerment through hands on training programs. The lives of Nigerian youths and adults – unemployed, the idle, abused people, those with physical disabilities and those who just want to do something different – acquire a skill.

Our work centers around equipping unemployed adults, youths in between schools, teenagers on vacation, physically challenged youths and others ( rehabilitated addicts, idle women, under employed, etc) with vocational, technical and entrepreneurial skills to empower them, equip them and ensure that they remain economically sustainable.

Our institute is open to those who may wish to have a skill to empower themselves and generate their own income OR to sponsors who may wish to transform the live of someone else through VTE skills – lifetime vocational, technical or entrepreneurship skills.

Training covers both business management skills and practical vocational or technical training. The institute is now housed in a very spacious property and has 14 fully air-conditioned training rooms with capacity to train over 200 people at a time.

The vision of the institute is to empower as many people yearly with skills that will transform their lives, cause them to be high skilled / well valued employees or become self employed and thus be employers of labour. This will in turn transform the lives of at least thousands of people yearly.

This is because each person trained, subsequently becomes an employer of other people or a highly valued skilled employee – we teach skills which are able to get young men and women jobs immediately after training or you work for yourself or as a consultant with hands on experience.

The multiplier effect of the successes we have achieved has been observed in those that have been trained. So far we have done well and the success stories span all over Nigeria – the North, South, East and West.

Its all about discovering your talents and abilities; learning to nurture them and utilizing them to generate a good income. We are able to give this support and link them with financial sponsors for their businesses.