Rules & Regulation

Punctuality and regular attendance are important. Training hours are from 9:00am-2:00pm on Weekdays. Weekend classes are on Saturdays only from 10:00am-3:00pm
Fees are not refundable or transferable. Installment Payments are allowed, only on a monthly basis
If a student fails to complete the course, no REFUND or REDUCTION of fees will be given to him/her.
Training is always on except for vacations on given dates. In cases of illness, extra time will be given upon receipt of a doctor’s report. Absentee trainees will not have repeat classes
The school provides students with all training equipment. You break it, you replace it. The school will not accept responsibility for stolen or missing equipment or personal properties that belongs to any students.
The Director of the Institute reserves the right to suspend, expel or dismiss a student without notice, should the student give sufficient cause. In any such case the Director’s decision will be final and no refund of fees will be made by the school.
Completed application forms indicating the course required by each student should be submitted to the school a week before the commencement date.
Non-completion of syllabus by any student means the student will not be allowed to take the final examination. A student who does not complete the syllabus will have to complete it at extra cost.
Students are not allowed to make/receive phone calls or receive visitors during school hours but only at break periods.
Students are responsible for the general cleaning duties in each workroom.
Smoking is not allowed.
The school reserves the right to use all images and material for promotions, advertorials and all others as applicable.
Duly signed acceptance letters to the terms and condition will be required from you and your guarantor.
Basic Starter Training Kits will be provided in each department. This may include – Aprons, Overalls, Training Bags in Fashion Design, Calico, Brown Paper, Scissors, Long Ruler, Pen, Note Book, Sketch Pad, Jotter, Manuals, e.t.c.