A Wonderful Experience

It all started with a chat with a friend/brother— an alumnus of FSD— who after his three months training in RAC has a good story to tell and job testimonials to match Armed with the information he gave me, I decided to attend the interview session and thankfully I was selected to be amongst the beneficiaries of the six weeks training in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. So, to say the training was a revelation is an understatement as it opens my eyes to another level of entrepreneurial opportunity and gave rise to believe that I can become a trained HVAC Technician even without going to the university to learn it.

FSD is a place where passion is nurtured and fine-tuned to become the best you can be and with the lovely staff and instructors who are ever ready to help…. The sky is not a limit.

I am incredibly happy to be an Alumni of FSD as I am having a new lease of life, and I am grateful to the management of FSD.
More wins!!!

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